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Elevation After Surgery

Elevation can help minimize swelling, pressure in tissue, and discomfort. Drainage from surgical sites can stain your good pillow. Foam wedges and pillows are an advantage to certain operation that benefit from elevation.

Long Memory Foam Bed Wedge

Wedge Pillow, Bed WedgeThe Memory Foam Long Bed Wedge Pillow (which includes a pillow cover) is made of a high quality, durable memory foam material that conforms to the body’s shape. The memory foam layer of the pillow responds to the body's temperature through the transfer of body heat, resulting in a pillow surface that is shaped like your body. This cream terry-colored wedge pillow is specially designed with an incline design to provide proper alignment and keep your affected swollen areas (facial and/or body areas) comfortably elevated in an angle that is optimal for reducing swelling. Following surgery, it is recommended to be perpetually elevated in an approximate 45 degree position from the bed because this enables optimal blood circulation to all the vital healing areas and helps reduce the swelling. The bed wedge comes with a cover that has a zipper closure for easy removing and washing.

Many patients find the bed wedge to be a superior and more comfortable elevation solution compared to putting oneself above pillows on a bed. A primary advantage of the bed wedge relative to pillows is that it is sturdy so that you can comfortably sleep without having to worry about slipping off as you would with pillows. Additionally, with the bed wedge you have no need to periodically rearrange your pillows if they shift around. Further, the bed wedge will not give rise to any tension and stress that you might feel from having empty spaces between your body and your pillows when you’re propped up on your bed. Since the bed wedge can be moved around, you can use it to be in elevation wherever you are – whether you’re in your bed, relaxing on a sofa, or on any other area of the house. Available in only one size 24" x 34 " x 7". This shorter Memory Foam Wedge comes in different heights permitting a greater elevation.

While this pillow already includes a pillow cover, you can get an extra Wedge Pillow Cover so you always have a freshly clean cover while the soiled one is being washed. Get a Wedge Pillow Cover.

Height Riser Pillow:

height riser memory foam long pillow

This height riser has been especially created for the Long Bed Wedge Pillow to enable you to raise the height of the pillow by another 2.5 inches above its current height of 7" (for a total of 9.5"). Simply place the riser below your wedge pillow to raise the height. Buy height riser.