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Design Veronique After Surgery Compression Garments

Post Operative Compression Garments are a vital part of the recovery process. A high quality, properly fitted post operative compression garment can aid in body contouring and skin retraction while helping to reduce swelling and flushing your body of potentially harmful fluids. Compression garments also are very important for your comfort. In addition to reducing swelling immediately after the procedure, the compression provided by the garment makes you much more comfortable during the healing process.

All compression garments are not created equal. There is a big difference in a compression garment- like a compression girdle you might find in your local store or a pair of exercise shorts- and a post operative compression garment. A high quality post-operative compression garment is specifically designed to be worn for long time periods during the recovery process, and has many features that are different from an off the shelf girdle, bra or pair of athletic pants. Some of the features of Design Veronique compression wear:

Design and Construction

A high quality post operative garments is designed to address a specific medical procedure, this is one of the reasons why we have many different garment styles. In addition, the garments feature details such as flat lock stitching, no seams at key surgical areas and all labels on the outside of the garments that will help make you more comfortable during the recovery process. All girdles feature an open crotch so the garment does not need to be removed at any time. We have also incorporate a sense of style in the garments- we know that the garments might be worn for an extended time and even under your everyday clothing and want them to be as stylish as possible.

Design Veronique Body Girdle Zippered Female Body Compression Garment for after surgery

In addition, all of the garments styles are available in both a zippered and non-zippered version. The zippered garments are ideal for wear immediately after a procedure, the zippers make the garments very easy to apply immediately after surgery. The non-zippered garments are ideal for extended wear and feature additional compression panels at key surgery sites.

Design Veronique Male First Stage Compression Garment and Vest
Design Veronique Body Girdle Non-Zippered Female Body Compression Garment for after surgery Design Veronique Male Second Stage Compression Garment and Vest

Fabric & Materials

Design Veronique uses a powernet weave material that is best fabric for post operative compression. The fabric is comfortable, lightweight, breathable and dries quickly. The powernet weave also provides the ideal amount of constant, and consistent, compression. Many other fabrics or weaves lose the compression properties or “memory” over time- powernet does not. Powernet is designed to provide the proper amount of compression from every direction for constant wear during the recovery process.

Design Veronique also uses a high quality cotton weave and the highest quality zippers and zipper tape, hook and eye closures and threads. All of our garments are completely Latex and formaldehyde free.

Targeted Compression Design Veronique targeted compression garment- Design Veronique uses gradient compression technology to make sure that you receive the maximum compression support in key surgical areas. This technology means that a Design Veronique garment will provide compression support for all areas of the body that the garment is covering while providing maximum support in key surgical areas. The combination of general support and targeted compression improves comfort, results and can even reduce the overall recovery time.