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Design Veronique Male Chest Compression Garment with Arms

Compression Vest with Arms, Zippered ( 642 )

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Compression Shirt with front separating zipper, provides compression for upper arms and chest.

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Picture of Male Compression Vest with Arms

Zippered Compression Vest with Arms Features and Use:

This garment helps minimize swelling, bruising, and discomfort after surgery. The front zipper separates for easy application. Reinforced front panel provides superior compression throughout the chest area.

This garment can also be used for Second Stage Compression after surgery. Dr. Bermant uses pressure therapy as part of his after surgery scar care. Some patients prefer a less surgical looking Second Stage Garment after the initial healing. Learn more about Dr. Bermant's after gynecomastia male chest surgery care and the evolution of male chest tissues with his surgery techniques that attract patients from around the world.

Zippered Compression Vest with Arms Material:

Strong, lightweight Powernet fabric and Lycra. All fabric is LATEX and formaldehyde free.

Garment Colors Zippered Compression Vest with Arms white Zippered Compression Vest with Arms black Which garment color looks better? Check these pictures of both black and white Body Shaping compression garments.
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