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Design Veronique Male Bodysuit Compression Garment

Bodysuit, Zippered ( BS843 )

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Male Above Knee Bodysuit with front zipper. Provides compression for the arms, chest, abdominal and thigh area. Open crotch.

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Picture of Male Above Knee Compression Bodysuit

Above Knee Bodysuit (with Zipper) Features and Use:

This garment helps minimize swelling, bruising, and discomfort after surgery. A front zipper provide adjustment and access to healing tissues for male abdominal, flank, and thigh surgery. Additional compression panels provide targeted compression in the abdominal region. The open crotch of this garment helps with hygiene.

Dr. Bermant uses pressure therapy as part of his after surgery scar care. Explore how tissues evolve after Dr. Bermant's Tumescent Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty and the typical comfort they experience after his Tummy Tuck surgery techniques that attract patients from around the world.

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Above Knee Bodysuit (with Zipper) Material:

Strong, lightweight Powernet fabric and Lycra. All fabric is LATEX and formaldehyde free.

Garment Colors male above knee body suit white male above knee bodysuit garment witht with zipper black Which garment color looks better? Check these pictures of both black and white Body Shaping compression garments.
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