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Design Veronique Female Body Compression Garment

Body Girdle, Non-Zippered ( 1653 )

Body Girdle Non-Zippered Female Body Compression Garment for after surgerypost op female body compression garment - body girdle non-zipperedAfter Surgery compresssion garment for women - body girdle non-zipperedAfter Surgery Compression Garment - Female Body Girdle with non-Zipperafter surgery body girdle without zipper female body compression garmentPost op recovery garment for women - body girdle no zipper

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A lightweight powernet weave above knee body girdle. Full compression support is provided for the abdominal, flank, lower back, hip and thigh areas.

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Picture of Female Body Girdle Compression Garment

Available in white, black and champagne colors and a size range of XS through XXXXL. Garment Colors: White Black Champagne. Return to the Full Length Girdle Gallery or go to the Mid-Length Girdle Gallery.

Body Girdle - Non-Zippered Use:

Non-Zippered Abdominal Girdle of breathable powernet fabric provides targeted compression for abdomen, flank, hip, lower back, and thigh regions. The fully adjustable shoulder straps and gripper lace trim on the legs support the girdle from slipping. A convenient open crotch permits hygiene without removing the garment. This Second Stage Garment helps minimize swelling and soften healing tissue with targeted compression panels. Targeted compression panels help support without feeling constructed.

Scars that evolve under pressure and scar care tend to do better than scars without. This garment is better after tissues can tolerate the force of pulling the garment on or off. Early after surgery, a First Stage Zippered Body Girdle has side zippers for easier application. Non-zippered garments provide a more contoured fit but are not as easy to get on as the Zippered Body Girdle and should not be used until healing tissues can support the stress.

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Body Girdle - Non-Zippered Material:

Strong, lightweight Powernet fabric and Lycra. All fabric is LATEX and formaldehyde free.

Garment Colors

Allyssandra - 2" Band Cotton Knit Bra white White
Allyssandra - 2" Band Cotton Knit Bra black Black
Allyssandra - 2" Band Cotton Knit Bra champagne Champagne